What is Judo

Dave Southby fighting at Varsity Games 2011Judo is a martial or fighting art. It is also an Olympic Sport. To some it is the ultimate physical and intellectual competitive challenge. To others it provides a more recreational pastime. We take particular pride in ensuring that the training that we offer is ‘fun’ and we regularly integrate games of various types into the training.

Judo is an ideal activity to contribute towards the daily recommended aerobic activity of 1 hour or more per day for children or adolescents.  It contributes to muscle and skeletal development helping to keep participants fit and healthy. There is a requirement to concentrate and focus in order to perfect the form and execution of the various techniques which can take a lifetime to master and understand. Martial arts training is recognised as providing many additional benefits to the body including additional flexibility, improved coordination and better reflexes. Judo is an excellent example of a martial art that provides these benefits.

Judo is well established in the UK. It has come a long way from it’s creation by Jigaro Kano.  We are members of the British Judo Association which has represented the sport in the UK since 1948. Judo was introduced into the UK in the early C20th making it one of the oldest and most respected ways to practice a Japanese martial art in Britain.

Red Belt Rumble competition medalistsThe training given helps instil a degree of discipline, and respect. There is also a grading system which helps encourage and fosters pride in the skills developed. For those that enjoy the competitive side of the sport, we aim to organise one competition each term, and  because of how widely Judo is practiced there are opportunities for those that want to push themselves further.

Judo is a personal journey and can be whatever you want it to be.