The Happi Dojo Club complies with the British Judo Association (BJA) Policies. There are a number of implications for this including:

1.    The coaches are expected to comply with the BJA Code of conduct.

2.    We support the BJA Safe Landings Child Procedures.

3.    As a result of point 2, photography is forbidden during the training sessions, except where approved  by the instructor. This will involve ensuring that permission of all persons concerned (or their legal guardians) is obtained before photographs are taken.

4..    As a BJA Club, there is a recognised complaints process, which enables you to discuss any concerns with either a different coach from the Club, or alternatively with the Club’s governing body.

5.    As a BJA Club, we aim to ‘provide services fairly and without discrimination’.  In fact, the UK has been particularly successful with providing judo training and development for those that are blind or visually impaired.

6.    All coaches receive mandatory regular First Aid training, and can cope with most minor medical issues. Should there be potential for anything more serious then it should be discussed with the coach before, and highlighted on the membership application.

In return, the Club expects that those training there will:

1.    Listen to the instructions given by the coach. Disruption makes it difficult for others to learn, and the coaches are ultimately responsible for the welfare of everyone whilst they are on the mat area.

2.    Take care of those with whom they are training. We train in mixed ability groups, and especially with lower grades a greater level of care needs to be taken.

3.    Always wearing footwear when not on the mat. This ensures that the minimum amount of dirt is transferred on to the training area.

4.    Not bring drinks onto the mat as spillage makes the mat slippery. In addition, sugary drinks can encourage bacteria on the mats which may increase the chances of infection from scratches or grazes/friction burns.

Whilst it should not be necessary for the coaches to have to intervene, it has been known for some of the younger children to be asked to temporarily leave the mat area if their behaviour is likely to be putting other judoka at risk. As a last resort, this could potentially result in the person being banned from the club if the issue cannot be resolved.