Getting started

It’s easy to get started. If you are aged 11-24 then it is worth looking at the ‘Yellow Belt Challenge’. Then either:

1.   Contact us, and we’ll help provide guidance as required.


2.    Turn up to one of the training nights. You can watch a training session and decide whether it is for you, and chat to the coaches after the training session. During the training, there is normally a few family members sitting at the site of the mat, so feel free to chat to them and get their thoughts and views.

We can cater for children from 5+ years old. This may depend on their ability to maintain a reasonable level of concentration for 40 minutes. Feel free to come along and try a session, and if necessary we can suggest that they come back the following term.  We also suggest that youngsters should try and come along with a friend. We are a friendly and relaxed club,  but this does mean that they have someone that they know and that they are comfortable training with which can be helpful for their first few sessions

We also provide Judo training in a number of schools as part of their physical training activities.

If you’d like to take part in a session and do not have a Judo suit (gi), then turn up wearing a long sleeved rugby top (or similar), and tracksuit bottoms.

We don’t charge for a ‘trial’ beginners session, so you have nothing to lose by coming along and having a go, and possibly a lot to gain, so why not drop in?


It’s always worth having a chat to one of the instructors, as there are often ways to reduce initial costs for beginners. In particular, if you are aged between 11 and 25, you should have a look at the ‘Yellow Belt Challenge’. This can provide free training, a suit and BJA membership to get you started in the sport if you fulfil certain criteria.

Most clubs will offer a few free sessions to help you decide whether Judo might be for you, and we are no exception. Just arrange to chat with one of the coaches.

The latest costs for termly HappiDojo Club Membership which includes training sessions and  grading fees can be found under our links page.

There is also a requirement to buy a Judo gi (or suit). This cost from about £30 new, but it is sometimes possible to pick up a second hand one for £10-£15, which is probably a good idea with children when they are needing a larger suit each year.

In addition, there is a need to purchase a Judo Licence from the British Judo Association. This is a requirement in order to be graded and take part in competitions. There are various different types of licence depending on age and whether you decide to undergo training purely recreationally, or wish to take part in competitions.